About Us

hazard-baby-on-the-road-behind-the-brand-kids-fashion-funny-baby-clothesHazard Baby, our family owned full-service baby and toddler shop was born on a tour of the Utah National Parks in 2011. Refilling the propane on our rented VW Camper Bus we noticed the warning label to alert an official in the case of an odor. The connection was not lost on us that babies should come with a similar label.
craft-fair-american-made-baby-clothes-toddler-warnings-funny-gag-gifts-new-parentsResearch and a lot of laughs helped us grow the brand to include all different baby warning labels new parents wish came with their kids! We make fun onesies, rompers, bibs and more for the little ones in your life. Because babies really should come with warning labels.
Hazard Baby launched in 2014 and today we operate out of our garage in NH, shipping worldwide to your cute (if hazardous!) children. Thank you for shopping small at our online baby and kids boutique.